Policies & Procedures

We are delighted that you are considering our NEW Casino-Cinematic Day Outing. To help you become familiar with the process of booking your outing with us, below you will find a breakdown of our policies and procedures. We make arranging and promoting your trip as easy as possible!

To reserve your V.I.P. Casino-Cinematic Day Outing we require $100 booking fee. This fee is due two weeks after you make your initial reservations. (You will receive a “Tentative Confirmation Letter” holding your date for two weeks without sending us a booking fee) The booking fee guarantees that the date of your choice is yours and yours alone! It is deducted from the balance due AND it will also entitle you to custom made flyers to help you book your trip! Due to the nature of this program (remember we can only accommodate ONE V.I.P. Group a day) the booking fee is non-refundable!

Three weeks prior to your group’s arrival date the balance is due for the number of people that has signed up for the outing. You can still add additional folks to the outing without the $5 fee mentioned below. We will invoice you after the trip for any late comers.

Two weeks prior to your group’s arrival date the meal counts for your gourmet sandwiches and your decision regarding the movie you wish to enjoy is due. By this time we should be able to inform you which first run movies are coming to the theater.

Late comers… We will gladly accept late comers who wish to take the trip with less than two weeks of your arrival date notice however there will be a $5 fee for each late person to handle the costs of preparing for these late comers. We prepare your food orders and complete the accounting process two weeks prior to your group’s arrival. The $5 for these late comers helps defray just some of the additional last minute scurrying to get ready for these individuals.

If you have any questions or concerns just give us a call at (802) 448-2150 or email us at hunter@wanderlustpromotions.com