Raising Funds for Your Organization Should Be Easy!

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Hunter Charnow

Hunter Charnow, President
Wanderlust Promotions, LTD.

I’d like to share this Secret with you!

During my 30 years in the entertainment industry raising funds for worthy causes, I discovered that there is nothing more enjoyable and profitable than spending a day of fellowship with friends and family members. And like any successful event there are certain ingredients that must be part of the experience if it’s going to be a success.

Here they are:

An Exciting Destination
A Unique Experience
Great Food and Plenty of it!
An Easy, Safe and Reliable way to get to the Event
Most of all FUN!

Wanderlust Promotions Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished!

To accomplish this I’ve reached out to many of the organizations that I’ve developed special relationships with. Together we conjured up an intriguing concept. It begins with a luxury motorcoach pulling up to a location of your choice. These coaches cost at least a half a million dollars.

Every amenity you could ask for!

A DVD player to enjoy movies en route, a great sound system to play tunes, a microphone so you can share special stories, Wi-Fi to connect you to the web, a restroom for your comfort and most importantly, a knowledgeable, experienced, safe driver who knows exactly where to take you.

Next I had to find a destination that was really impressive and had something that everyone could enjoy. I found it! Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun, two incredible world class resorts. I’ve worked with these folks for decades and when I explained my vision to the department heads they were eager to help.


A World Class Destination!

How the day unfolds!

When you arrive at the casino (of your choice) a greeter will be on hand to give every member of your group a voucher good for a free meal…
PLUS a special $10 gaming bonus so you can try your luck on the house! There will also be gifts that can be used to raffle off and a special group leader appreciation bonus too!


You’ll have five captivating hours to explore the resort of your choice and have ample time to shop, game, dine and enjoy one of these impressive resorts.


There are spas where you can be pampered, outlet stores with a remarkable variety of shops, great restaurants and of course a world- class gaming experience just waiting for you.

FYI while you’re gaming the drinks are FREE and, because your luxury coach will be safely transporting you during this event, you can really kick back and enjoy yourself!

There’s More! A Lot More!

At the conclusion of your five hour stay, you’ll hop back on the coach for a brief trip where you’ll be transported to the newly renovated Mystic Luxury Cinemas Movie Complex.  Here you’ll be treated to a private (by invitation only) screening of a newly released first run movie!

Imagine a private screening exclusively for the members of your group. There are cozy, plush Lazy Boy type reclining chairs to sink into, digital sound and the latest state of the art projection system with unmatched crystal clear resolution. This complex recently received a $1.5 million dollar upgrade and this is only the beginning!

The Ultimate Cinematic Experience

Enjoy your Private Screening of a 1st Run Movie!

A One of a Kind Experience

Your Choice of 4 Gourmet Sandwiches:

Your Choice of 4 Gourmet Sandwiches!

Bleu Squid Cafe

Bleu Squid Cafe

Each seat has its own side table, which is very handy, because you’ll be savoring one of four gourmet sandwiches specially prepared for you by the Bleu Squid caterer.

This award winning restaurateur always pleases. They just received an award for creating the best cupcake in the State of Connecticut. One of these melt in your mouth treats will be included with your gourmet sandwich and a side order of fruit to boot! Everyone also gets a complimentary glass of fine Jonathan Edwards wine, or a chilled glass of a locally crafted micro brewed beer or a soft drink.


You get to enjoy this sensational meal while you’re watching the movie!!

I put this entire package together for just $59.95 per person and that includes tax, service charges, the casinos, shopping, twmoneyo great meals, luxury transportation, the private 1st run movie screening, gaming and more! We invite your point person, who helps me with just one small part of the trip to be our guest. To be honest, there just is no way anyone else can offer this much value, enter-tainment, food and fun for just $59.95 per person!

OK so how does the Organization raise money on this program? Good question! Because the price is so low you can easily add a few dollars to the trip and still offer this event to your Organization at a great price.

Let’s say you add just $15 per person to the trip and offer it to your Organization for $74.95. The coach can seat up to 55 people. (The smallest group I can offer this trip to is 40 people.) That would allow the Organization to generate between $600 & $825 for the day… If you offered the trip for $99 per person (still a great deal for all that you get) the Organization can generate $1,600 to $2,200 for the day! PLUS many groups love the idea of a 50/50 raffle…

En route everyone puts $10 (or more) into the pot and the lucky winner takes home half. The rest goes to the Organization AND the casinos will provide you with special gifts that can be auctioned off too! An outing like this can earn $2,200+ and all you have to do is have a great time!


Who Does All The Work Setting this Up?

I do! I create flyers to distribute to your potential sponsors so you can gauge the interest. Your point person will get a list of sandwich choices that your group will enjoy during your private screening of a 1st run movie. All they have to do is print the name of the person on a list that I provide, check off their meal choice and collect the money. That’s it!

I take care of everything else:

  • Schedule Your Luxury Transportation
  • Schedule Your Time at the Casino
  • Coordinate Meal Choices with Caterer
  • Greet Your Coach at the Luxury Cinema
  • Supply You with all necessary Info
    i.e. Driver’s Cell– Casino Confirmation #s
  • Reserve Your Private Screening Room
  • Create A Flyer to Promote the Event
  • Personally Assist You on Day of the Trip
  • Handle all the paperwork
  • Handle Payments to all Parties
  • Deliver Gourmet Sandwiches to Theater
  • Create Your Custom Itinerary

There are no blackout periods!

You can host this program any month or any day of the week you wish! Scheduling is a snap too. One small deposit holds the date and you can cancel up to 30 days before the day of your trip and STILL get your deposit back! There’s absolutely no risk!

If you have any questions or thoughts you wish to share just give me a call, drop me a line, or email me! I’m really looking forward to making this exciting event fun, easy and a great money making success. I’m also looking forward to hearing from you or a member of your Organization so I can set up this great Fun-Raiser experience for you!

Until then I remain most sincerely yours,

sigHunter Charnow-President and Founder

IMPORTANT! There is one thing you do have to be mindful of. I always give my full attention to every group that I work with and to do that I’ll only schedule one group per day, Experience has taught me that dates go really fast. So you’ll want to reserve your trip as soon as possible!